About US

Our journey as filter manufacturers began way back in 1994. Inspired by the healing and cultivating effects of the ever-flowing water of the River Indus, we took a start as a simple water filter manufacturing company. Gradually, we broadened our scope to other related parts too. Always having felt a dire need for a never-ending struggle to improve the quality of life and hygiene of our worthy customers, we further excelled to produce a range of water filters. Today, we proudly present the filter family with simple residential water filter at the one end and our flagship industrial filtration plant at the other.
The quality of our marketed products inspired our clients so much that they demanded us to further broaden our production to long lasting cartridges. We began to flow again and presumed it to be the delta in our production. But the response from our worthy clients proved it the middle course. This encouraged us further. We kickstarted carbon block cartridge. This skyrocketed our reputation as the best cartridge manufacturers and motivated us to add ceramic water filter cartridge, polypropylene fiber cartridge, PP Yarn cartridges and GAC cartridges. Meanwhile, our team consistently maintained the quality control to keep our ebb and flow smooth.


Our Mission

We strive to see this world a healthy and disease-free place. Our mission is to provide you a healthy environment through clean drinkable water. In the days of increasing dearness, we maximize our efforts to provide you the best water purification solutions at affordable prices.
We are successfully manufacturing the internationally recommended water filters and purifying equipment to help you meet international heath standards. Today, we proudly provide all these facilities at your doorstep. You are our primary asset. Your health is our mission.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of energetic, diligent and competent experts gifted with the ability to take up every challenge related to water hygiene in your life. We all believe in rigorous research and continuous effort to disarm any impurity or contamination before you sip it. We keep broadening the range and quality of all our products for your safety. We form your strongest defending line against all your organic and inorganic marine backstabbers. But the most vital member of our team is YOU. We value your opinion. For any suggestions and queries, feel free to contact us.


Muhammad Ayub

Chief Executive

Muhammad Fahad Ayub

Director Marketing


Muhammad Saad Ayub

Director Production

Business Philosophy


Indus Water Filter is committed to achieve perfection in the water purification industry. We believe that achieving perfection is not a goal. It’s rather a journey that continues forever. We are the most professional, sophisticated and competent company in Pakistan to provide you the topmost standards of quality unique to our manufactured and assembled products in water hygiene. Over the last couple of decades, we have left no stone unturned to achieve the leading standards of adding distinguished features to all our products and services.

We are manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers in the full range of domestic and commercial equipment for water filtration. Each item we manufacture, holds features unique to our production only. This makes us stand out in the water purification industry.

Our Achievements


Developed Carbon Block and Resin Bonded Filter in 2003.


Introduced Bottled Water Filters in 2004.


Pioneered Mobile Water Filters.


Developed Domestic Water Filters.


Commercial Water Filters.


Industrial Water Filtration Systems.